Introduction and acceptance of Agreement.

Welcome to Revelation Travels and Holidays (RTH), your gateway to breathtaking adventures and unforgettable memories! Before you get swept away by wanderlust, let's ensure a smooth journey together. Please take a moment to read and understand our Terms and Conditions, along with our Privacy Policy. These are the guiding principles that make your RTH experience awesome, so consider them your travel companions!

1. Acceptance: Booking any tour or service with RTH means you're giving us a big thumbs up to these Terms and Conditions. If something doesn't sit right, no worries! Simply don't proceed with the booking.

2. Scope: These Terms and Conditions apply to everything we offer, from group tours and customized holidays to corporate trips and international escapades. We've got you covered, no matter where your wanderlust takes you!

3. The Final Say: We at RTH are the ultimate interpreters of these Terms and Conditions. Think of us as friendly travel Sherpas navigating the rules! However, the final terms will be shared along with the confirmed tour itinerary / Destination /Tour Type /Documents / Terms, etc.

4. Adapting to Change: The travel world is dynamic, and so are we! We reserve the right to update, tweak, or add to these Terms and Conditions whenever necessary.

5. Unforeseen Circumstances: Sometimes, things beyond our control, like natural disasters or policy changes, might require adjustments. In such cases, we may need to modify these Terms and Conditions with fair and enforceable alternatives.

6. No Domino Effect: If any part of these Terms and Conditions gets deemed invalid, the rest stay strong and continue to guide our journey together.

7. The Complete Picture: These Terms and Conditions, along with any additional booking information we send you, are the complete agreement between you and RTH. Consider it our travel pact!

8. Let's Get Started: Our amazing adventures don't officially begin until we receive your initial deposit or registration amount. The tour will automatically stay canceled without the full settlement of the due amount within the due period. In such a scenario, the customer is fully responsible. Think of it as your ticket to travel bliss!

Revelations Travels and Holidays: Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Revelations Travels and Holidays (RTH)! We're excited to help you embark on unforgettable journeys. By using our website or mobile applications, you agree to these Terms and Conditions, also known as the "RTH Terms and Conditions" or "RTH Rules and Regulations."

Who We Are:

  • RTH, the Company, the organization, we, us, or our: That's us! Revelations Travels and Holidays is your trusted partner in crafting incredible travel experiences.
  • You, Your, Guest/s, them, they, their, tourist/s, traveller/s, client/s, customer/s, pax, or passengers: That's you! The adventurer, the explorer, the seeker of new horizons.

Where We Live:

  • Website: Our digital home, where you can browse destinations, book trips, and connect with our travel experts. Think of it as your travel portal!
We want you to have the best possible holiday experience, so it's important to understand our role as holiday organizers:
We are Holiday Organizers, Not Operators: We curate and select the services you'll experience during your trip, but we do not own or directly control any of the providers, such as airlines, hotels, transportation companies, restaurants, etc.

Provider Rules and Regulations: Each service provider has its own set of rules and regulations you must adhere to. Examples include airline baggage restrictions and hotel mealtimes. Failure to comply with these rules may result in consequences at your own expense.

Personal Liability: You are responsible for any injury or damage you cause to service providers or their property. Such incidents will subsequently recover those costs from you and liable to pay directly.

Provider Responsibility: We cannot be held liable for any delays, deficiencies, injuries, deaths, losses, or damages caused by the actions or defaults of service providers, their employees, or their agents.

In essence, your holiday experience will involve various independent and experienced service providers, each with its own rules and regulations. We carefully select these providers who support us and help you for a happy and memorable holiday, sometimes beyond our control.
Craft unforgettable journeys: We design dream vacations tailored to your desires, from breathtaking landscapes to vibrant cultures.
Make travel seamless: We handle the logistics, from flights and accommodation to activities and local guides, so you can focus on enjoying the moment.
Provide exceptional service: Our dedicated team is here to answer your questions, address concerns, and ensure your trip runs smoothly.
1. Required Documents for Booking
  • Domestic Tours: A valid photo ID proof is required. Accepted forms of ID include:
    • Aadhar card
    • Election ID card
    • PAN card
    • Driving license
    • School/college ID card (for students)
  • International Tours: A valid passport is required, with a minimum validity of 180 days from the tour return date.
  • All Tours: Submission of PAN is mandatory for both domestic and international tours as per RBI regulations.
  • Visas: Guests are responsible for obtaining any required visas and must adhere to the guidelines issued by the respective consulate/embassy.
  • Additional Documents: Guests may need to provide other documents, such as confirmed air tickets, insurance, medical certificates, or legal certificates, depending on the specific tour.

2. Guest Responsibility

  • It is the sole responsibility of the guest to possess and maintain valid travel documents and statutory clearances.
  • Failure to provide the required documents within the stipulated time will result in booking cancellation and applicable cancellation charges.

3. Photo Identification

  • Carry photo identification at all times during domestic tours. Officials may request it at airports, rail stations, sightseeing places, safari parks, border areas, and other locations.

4. Passports

  • Ensure machine-readable passports for international travel, valid for a minimum of 180 days from the tour return date.
  • Verify passport details for accuracy, including name, address, validity, expiry date, and blank pages for visas.
  • European tours require passports with a maximum validity of 10 years. Old passports with 20 years' validity and handwritten passports are not accepted.
  • Maintain passports in good condition, with serially numbered pages, free from damage, tampering, scribbling, stapling, or tearing.
  • Guests are liable for cancellation charges if passport-related issues lead to tour cancellation.
  • RTH may collect passports for submission to private entities, consulates, or embassies as a facilitator.
    • RTH does not hold responsibility or liability for lost or damaged passports during this process.
1. Visas are Mandatory: You must have a valid visa to join any Revelation Travels & Holidays (RTH) tour. We're happy to assist you with the process, but the final decision rests with the consulate, and RTH cannot influence it.

2. Be Prepared for Interviews: Even if you submit all documents, the consulate may request an interview. Ensure your contact details are accurate on the application form.

3. We Facilitate, You Cooperate: RTH helps prepare and submit visa documents and collect passports (where applicable). Some consulates send passports directly to your address.

4. Understand the Risks: We do our best, but RTH cannot guarantee in-time visa corrections or be responsible for any consequences arising from consulate errors.

5. Schengen Payment Policy: For Europe tours, full payment is required before visa processing begins. If paying partially, maintain a sufficient bank balance for at least six months.

6. Old Passport Visas: For specific countries, carry both your old and new passport if it contains a valid visa. You might need to transfer the visa to your new passport before the tour (at your own cost). Stay updated on consulate rules.

7. DIY Visas Welcome: If you have valid visas or prefer processing them yourself, inform your RTH Travel Advisor at booking. You'll receive a visa fee reduction in such cases.

8. Timely Document Submission: Submit all visa application documents well in advance. Consulates may have early application deadlines, and processing times can vary. Delaying documents may lead to missed departures and cancellation charges.

9. Special Cases: If you work in sensitive fields like BARC, Defence, or Nuclear Industries, book early and apply for visas well in advance. Your document requirements might differ, and visa processing might take longer. RTH is not responsible for visa delays or denials in such cases.

10. Legal Matters: RTH will not be a party to any legal disputes between you and the consulate/embassy.

11. Fee Changes: Any post-tour-launch hikes in visa fees, VFS charges, or service charges will be borne by you.

12. Additional Visas: We may need to apply for additional visas (beyond those included in the tour price) due to unforeseen circumstances. You will bear the additional cost.
Protecting children is our top priority. That's why we've laid out clear guidelines for minors traveling with our tours. Here's what you need to know to ensure a smooth and safe trip for everyone:
1. Always Be Responsible:
->Accompany your child: Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult throughout the tour. You're their guardian, so keep their well-being and supervision top of mind.
->Know their whereabouts: Keep your eyes peeled! Always be aware of where your child is during the tour.
2. Documentation Matters:
->Notarized consent: If only one parent is traveling, carry a notarized consent letter from the absent parent.
->Single parent proof: If one parent is deceased or absent, obtain a notarized statement as proof.
->Linked visas: Some countries issue minor visas linked to an adult's visa. Ensure both travel together.
Independent minor visas: For independent minor visas, both parents' consent letters are required.
3. Don't Forget the Details:
->Gather all required documents: Check with the consulate/embassy for specific visa requirements for minors.
->Submit complete documentation: Missing paperwork can lead to tour cancellation, and we can't be held responsible for any losses.
->Remember, your child's safety is in your hands. By following these guidelines and preparing the necessary documents, you can ensure a worry-free and enjoyable trip for everyone.
Know before you go! Understanding immigration regulations is crucial for a smooth travel experience. These terms and conditions outline your responsibilities regarding visa validity, entry discretion, and potential consequences encountered at immigration checkpoints.
1. Visa Validity:
Your passport and visa are your golden tickets. Holding a valid visa is mandatory to enter any country included in your RTH tour. RTH cannot guarantee entry even with a valid visa, as the final decision rests solely with the immigration authorities of each destination.

2. Entry at Immigration:
Immigration officers hold the reins. The immigration authority of each country has the absolute right to grant or deny entry at its discretion. Be prepared to answer questions, undergo inspections, and present necessary documents.

3. Potential Immigration Scenarios:
Interrogation, Hold-Ups, Deportation: While unlikely, unforeseen circumstances at immigration could lead to questioning, temporary detainment, or even deportation. Please note: Missed Itinerary: You may miss part or all of your tour program due to immigration-related issues.
Joining Mid-Tour: Rejoining the tour at a later stage might be possible but at your own expense and responsibility.
Tour Discontinuation: If denied entry or deported, the tour will be terminated for you.
Financial Responsibility: All expenses incurred due to immigration issues, including missed flights, accommodation changes, or additional travel arrangements, are your sole responsibility. RTH will not bear any financial burden associated with such situations.
No Refunds or Compensation: You will not be eligible for any refunds or compensation from RTH due to immigration-related issues.

4. Travel with Confidence:
Prepare thoroughly: Ensure your visa is valid for the entire travel period and meets all the requirements of each destination country.
Pack smart: Have readily accessible copies of your travel documents, visa, passport, and any necessary supporting paperwork.
Stay informed: Research the immigration regulations of each country on your itinerary and familiarize yourself with potential procedures or requirements.
Be cooperative: During immigration checks, remain calm, and polite, and answer questions honestly.

Remember: While RTH strives to ensure a seamless travel experience, immigration-related matters are beyond our control. By acknowledging these terms and conditions, you agree to take full responsibility for ensuring your visa compliance and potential consequences at immigration checkpoints.
Travel Insurance is Mandatory: All our guests, whether embarking on domestic or international adventures, must possess travel insurance.

Overseas Coverage for Young Travelers: For international tours, guests below 59 years of age enjoy complimentary overseas travel insurance included in their tour price. Hooray for young explorers!

Senior Travelers: Pay a Little More, Get a Lot More: Guests above 59 can still join the international fun, but they'll need to cover the difference in insurance premiums for enhanced protection.

Limited Cover: Remember, the included insurance offers basic coverage for baggage loss, flight hiccups, medical emergencies, and even unfortunate events like death and repatriation, but with specific limits. ( As per insurance Policy)

Adventure Activities: Buckle up, thrill-seekers! Some adventurous activities on your itinerary might not be covered by the standard policy.

Read Your Copy, Know Your Limits: We'll send you a copy of the insurance policy to your registered email before your trip. Read it carefully! Verify your details and understand what's covered and what's not. Keep it handy on your travels!

Pre-Existing Conditions? No Dice: This insurance doesn't cover pre-existing medical conditions. If you have any concerns, consult your doctor and consider upgrading your coverage.

Upgrade Your Coverage, Upgrade Your Peace of Mind: Want more protection? You can easily upgrade your travel insurance for a wider range of coverage by paying an additional premium. Just ask your Revelation Travels and Holidays (RTH) Travel Advisor for details.

Extending Your Trip? Extend Your Insurance: Taking pre- or post-tour extensions? Don't forget to extend your existing insurance policy for those extra days. Additional premiums will apply, but it's worth it for uninterrupted peace of mind.

NRIs and Foreign Nationals: DIY Insurance: If you're a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or a foreign national joining our tours, you'll need to arrange your travel insurance before the trip begins.

Act Fast in Case of Claims: If you experience an incident requiring an insurance claim, let the insurance company and Revelation Travels and Holidays (RTH) know within 24 hours. Time is of the essence!

We Facilitate, They Decide: Remember, Revelation Travels and Holidays (RTH) acts as a facilitator for the overseas travel insurance policy. We don't control the insurance company's operations or the claims process.

Direct Communication is Key: When it comes to claims, you'll be dealing directly with the insurance company. Provide them with all the necessary documents they request for claim settlement.

The Final Say: The insurance company has the sole authority to grant or reject claims. We understand that this might be frustrating, but please remember, that Revelation Travels and Holidays (RTH) is not responsible for their decisions.

Dispute Resolution: If you have any concerns about the claim settlement amount or a rejected claim, you'll need to deal directly with the insurance company.

Additional Notes:
1. Guests traveling on Customized Holidays or Corporate Tours (MICE) will need to purchase their travel insurance separately, either through Revelation Travels and Holidays (RTH) or on their own.
2. Foreign nationals or NRI guests arriving in India on any inbound tour or group tour must also arrange their travel insurance before their journey begins.
Foreign Nationals or Non-Resident Indians (NRIs)
Essential Terms and Conditions
Calling all globetrotters and non-resident Indians! Before you embark on your dream adventure with RTH in India or across the globe, let's ensure your journey is smooth sailing. Here's a checklist of essential terms and conditions for foreign nationals and NRIs to keep in mind:

Visa Vigilance:
Valid Passport: Your passport should be valid for the entire duration of your tour. No exceptions!
Visa Check: Double-check your visa requirements for each country on your itinerary. Don't let a missing visa turn your adventure into a detour.
India Specific: For tours within India or the Indian subcontinent, ensure you possess a valid visa for the required number of days. Remember, RTH is not responsible for denied entry due to incomplete documentation.

Document Domino Effect:
Travel Essentials: Pack all the relevant documents! Passport, visa, travel insurance copy, and OCI/PIO card (if applicable) are your travel companions. Incomplete documents might mean missing out on the magic.
Responsibility Rests with You: Remember, you're responsible for ensuring you have the correct documents. In case of missing documents, RTH cannot be held liable for any consequences or expenses incurred due to denied entry or discontinued tours.

Destination Deets:
Restricted Regions: Certain destinations or sightseeing places within India might have specific entry regulations for foreign nationals or NRIs. Be prepared for potential restrictions or additional fees at these locations.

Global Glimpses:
Visa Voyage for Multi-Country Tours: If your RTH adventure spans multiple countries, ensure you have a valid visa for each nation on your itinerary. Remember, visa validity should align with the tour's duration.
Respecting Regulations: Abide by the laws, rules, and regulations of each country you visit during your international RTH tour. Be a responsible traveler and embrace cultural nuances.


1. Transparency is Key: Declare your nationality or NRI status before booking your tour with RTH. This helps us tailor your experience and avoid any surprises.
2. Tax Talk: The government of India's tax regulations might differ for foreign nationals and NRIs. For specifics, consult your RTH travel advisor.

    1. Variety: Depends on your tour category, ranging from resorts to tents!
    2. Location: Based on the tour program.
    3. Confirmation: Hotel names are suggestions and subject to availability. Similar tours may have different accommodations depending on capacity.
    4. Rewards: Hotel membership points cannot be earned or redeemed with our bookings.

    Room Types:
    1. Standard: Twin/double or single beds with optional floor mattresses for extra guests.
    2. Upgrades: Suites, family rooms, and specific views are available for an additional cost.
    3. Single Rooms: Smaller, sometimes on different floors or corners.
    Room Assignment: Controlled by the hotel.

    1. Standard Times: 3 pm check-in, 10 am check-out. Tours are planned accordingly.
    2. Early/Late Check-In/Out : Subject to availability and additional charges.
    3. Security Deposits: Some accommodations may require a deposit at check-in, refunded at check-out.

    Room Sharing:
    1. Policy: Follow our room-sharing policy sent to your email after booking.
    2. Responsibility: Sharing partners are responsible for resolving any issues among themselves. Veena World is not involved.
    3. Unacceptable Behavior: Guests exhibiting harmful/unhygienic/intolerable behavior will be required to take a separate room at their own expense.

    Children Sharing:
    1. Recommendations: Families of 3: double room with an extra mattress; families of 4: two rooms.
    2. Safety Restrictions: Many hotels, domestic and international, do not allow 4 people in one room.

    1. Guest Responsibility: Pay for any damages caused to the room during your stay.
    2. Pre-existing Damage: Report immediately to hotel staff.

    Accommodation Facilities:
    1. Availability: Varies by tour, destination, and property. May include parking, restaurants, bars, gyms, spas, pools, childcare, meeting rooms, travel desks, doctors, elevators, porters, laundry, internet, Wi-Fi, phones, minibars, beverages, paid TV, air conditioning, safes, room service, etc.
    2. Charges: Some facilities may have fees. Pay directly to the hotel.
    3. Disruptions: Veena World is not responsible for disruptions or deficiencies in hotel services, facilities, or amenities, including unprofessional staff behavior.
    4. Sustainability: Respect local water, electricity, and air-conditioning restrictions.

    Natural Surroundings:
    Insects/Animals: Expect ants, cockroaches, birds, monkeys, small animals, and even rodents in tents, camps, safari lodges, and beach resorts. This is normal and not a sign of uncleanliness.
    Travel Smart:
    1. Pack Light: Embrace minimalism! Leave bulky items at home and avoid overpacking. You'll thank yourself for easy maneuvering and less baggage stress.
    2. Valuables Stay Home: Leave precious jewelry, expensive gadgets, and large sums of cash tucked away safely at home. Opt for digital payment solutions like Forex cards or mobile wallets for convenience and security.
    3. Eyes on Your Possessions: Mobile phones, cameras, laptops, passports – keep them close! Don't leave them unattended, especially in crowded areas.

    Responsibility Matters:
    1. You're the Captain of Your Baggage: RTH is your Holiday Organizer, but your personal belongings are your responsibility. Take utmost care of them at all times.
    2. Loss? Act Fast: If something goes missing, damaged, or lost, it's your responsibility to file a complaint with the concerned authorities. Be proactive and follow up!
    3. Claims and Disputes: Any issues with airlines, hotels, coaches, or sightseeing venues need to be addressed directly with them or their insurance providers (if applicable). We're not liable for resolving disputes or compensating for claim rejections.

    Be a Savvy Traveler:
    1. Know the Rules: Customs, immigration, and airlines have restrictions on certain items and currency amounts. Research and comply to avoid delays, detentions, or even missed flights.
    2. Restricted Items? Leave Them Behind: Packing prohibited items can lead to serious consequences. Remember, a hassle-free trip is a happy trip!
    3. Passport Power: Keep your passport safe and readily accessible. Misplacing it can disrupt your entire itinerary – don't let that happen!
    1. Standard Cancellation Policy: You can cancel most hotels with a full refund up to a certain number of days before your travel start date. This timeframe varies depending on the hotel and rate you booked. Check the specific cancellation policy for each hotel during the booking process.
    2. Non-Refundable Hotels: Be aware that some hotels are non-refundable, meaning you will not receive any refund if you cancel your reservation. Choose these options carefully, as they offer the least flexibility.

    Transfers & Activities:
    1. General Policy: Most transfers and activities can be canceled for a full refund up to 3 days before your travel start date. However, some exceptions may apply.
    2. Specific Policies: Always check the "Points to Note" section of your quotation for specific cancellation policies for any included transfers or activities. Some services may have different cancellation terms than the general policy.

    Entrance Tickets:
    1. Non-Refundable: All entrance tickets are non-refundable from the moment of booking unless otherwise specified. This applies to all types of tickets, including but not limited to theme parks, museums, and shows.

    Additional Fees:
    1. Cancellation Service Charge: Please note that a 5% service charge will be applied to the total value of your land arrangements if you cancel your trip. This charge covers administrative costs associated with processing cancellations.
    2. Amendment Service Charge: If you need to make changes to your itinerary after booking, a 5% service charge will be applied to the total value of the amended portion.
    1. Non-refundable flights: No refunds will be issued if you cancel non-refundable flights.
    2. Refundable flights: Refunds will be processed within 30 working days after deducting:
    Airline cancellation charges: These vary depending on the airline's policy and the timing of your cancellation

    COVID-19 Impact:
    Refunds: Processed according to the latest airline policies.Vouchers: Airlines may issue vouchers instead of refunds at their discretion.
    Flight Changes/Cancellations due to Airline Schedule Changes: Some airlines may charge processing fees.

    General Policies:
    1. Infant Bookings: Proof of date of birth is required for check-in.
    2. Changes: Standard airline policy applies to all changes.
    3. One-way Cancellations: Not allowed.
    4. Name Changes: Not permitted.

    Holiday Organizers charges:
    5% service charge for cancellations.
    2.5% service charge for amendments.

    Website Usage and Intellectual Property:

    • Play nice: Be respectful and avoid posting harmful or offensive content on our website.
    • Copyright matters: All content on our website, including text, images, and logos, is protected by copyright. Don't copy or distribute it without our permission.

    Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability:

    • Travel is unpredictable: We strive to provide exceptional service, but unforeseen circumstances can occur. We cannot guarantee against disruptions or inconveniences beyond our control.
    • Limited liability: Our liability for any damages or losses incurred during your trip is limited to the amount you paid for your booking.

    Dispute Resolution:

    • Let's talk it out: If you have any concerns or disputes, please contact us first. We're committed to resolving issues amicably. at
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